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Match Day Salt Lake City!

Congratulations on your match in Salt Lake City for your residency or fellowship! Get started with your relocation housing plans right here. Congrats, you've earned it!!

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Tony Fantis, Realtor® is a long-time supporter of Utah Partners in Medicine and welcomes you to Salt Lake City!

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FAQ's for Residents/Fellows

Both can have their advantages. I've never had a resident or fellow lose money by buying a house. The payments are often lower than renting, and the tax advantages can place some money back in your pocket you otherwise would have given to Uncle Sam. Homes can provide some much-needed peace and quiet you'll really need to get sleep any time of day with your busy schedule. Whether buying or renting, I'm happy to help and share my local knowledge so you can make an educated decision that works best for your unique situation.
Most residents and fellows move to Liberty Heights, Sugar House, 9th & 9th, The Avenues, and the neighborhoods found within Salt Lake City proper. The proximity to hospitals is excellent, and the lifestyle is great for young professionals. We will have a candid discussion about what is important to you, and I can help guide you to the neighborhoods that best match your lifestyle and budget.
Yes! There are special loan programs for residents and fellows, and it's very important to work with a lender who understands how these specialty loans work. Any Utah Partners in Medicine lender will do, and I'm happy to make recommendations and/or answer your questions. Each lender is different. shows ALL publicly available listings from all agents and real estate companies in town, and it's updated hourly with all the latest listings. It's one of the best places to search, save your favorites, and coordinate lists of homes to view during your limited time to shop in Salt Lake City.

In Utah, Zillow and Trulia do not show all listings, and the estimates are wildly inaccurate since we are a non-disclosure state by law. This means sold prices are never publicly disclosed.
A down payment may or may not be required, and it will depend on your unique situation. If a down payment is required, it's usually a minimum of 3.5 to 5% of the purchase price.
Prices are all over the map. A decent condominium starts around $100-$150k. A decent home starts around $200k, and most residents & fellows are purchasing in the $250-$350k range, depending on budget on household income. Generally speaking, a $300,000 home will cost you approximately the same as paying rent in most situations. (and possible tax deductions could save you another $3-5k per year.)
Yes, and this is the norm for relocation. We will coordinate everything to make it easy for you and your schedule.
The demand for housing is high and Salt Lake City is growing steadily. The good homes often sell quickly. A little strategy is required to land a great home. Utilize Tony's local experience to make your transition as smart and as easy as possible.
Tony Fantis, Realtor
Call Tony Fantis @ (801) 541-8806 or send an email to Since homes are never one-size-fits-all we can chat about your needs and situation then come up with a strategy that works best for you.

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